Monday, February 23, 2009

We all need a break

We all need a break from making money right?
Well I thought I would share some of the fun things I do when I need a break :)

Adventure Quest
This is a great browser based fantasy RPG. Since it is browser based you never need to down load anything to play.
It is free, but like with almost every web game there is an upgrade (in red quotes from the site)
"Become a GUARDIAN today and get full access to all towns, areas, and quests, PLUS incredible bonuses like Guardian-only wars and events.
It is a one time payment of $19.95 to become a Guardian! It is not a monthly fee.
With new stuff added every week, AQ is always expanding and always fun!"
Guardians get full access and great bonuses!
for more info on the upgrade go here Gaurdian info but you do not need to upgrade to have a great time with this game.
I have been playing this game for around 3 years now and I keep going back :)

The site has a few more games that I love like "Dragon Fable" go here for all the great games they have battleon

Another great place to have a little fun is Pogo,They have all kind of games. Puzzzle,Word,Card,Board,Arcade and sports, and Casino
Pogo is free but like most web games there is an upgrade called Club Pogo where you can play even more games,have a little avatar to dress up and a bunch of other cool options
With Pogo games you get tokens that you can play lotto games with and win real money and there are also some games that have jackpots with real money go here to get to my profile on Pogo Pogo

There are a few more places I go to unwind but I will have to update this at another time with them because i am tired :)

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